Creative Things You Can Do With Your Photographs

Worried those baby pics you just took of your new pride and joy are going to rot in the garage? This is a common occurrence once it’s time to make room for new toys, and a big-kid bed. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of things you can do with those photos that’ll keep them in sight throughout your lifetime.

Create A Custom Phone Case

This one is my personal favorite. You can get personalized phone cases┬ámade with one or more of your photos. The cool part about this is that your phone gets a special unique look. And it’s really easy to create these online. You can just pick the photos you want, rotate them or whatever, and there it is!

Buy A Photo-Pillow

Now-a-days, they make pillows that have a slot to showcase a photo. Or, you can have a cloth version of the photo made, and then sew it on. Usually, these pillows are decorated to match the event. You may see a white pillow with “just married” embroidered on it to go with a wedding photo. Just like you’ll see a cute, blue pillow with ” It’s a boy” embroidered on it to showcase your baby’s first picture. Of course, they make them for little girls too.

Plastic Photos On Holiday Presents

If you’re sending a present to your mother who lives in a different state for Mother’s Day, she probably wishes she could see her grand-kids more. It’s an adorable idea to plaster a pic of you and your kids right on wrapping paper. Do not tape it too tight, or she will not be able to pull it off without ripping it. You should never use an original copy for this idea.

Photo Puzzles

photo puzzle

If you’d like to commemorate a special occasion with a fun activity, a lot of people are getting their photos blown up into puzzle form. There’s puzzle glue available so you don’t have to work the puzzle every time you want to show it off. Simply put it in a frame when you and your family are done putting it together. Guests who come into your home will think it’s a pretty cool decoration.

You Can Have Your Photos Blown Up On Plates

Plates serve an extremely useful purpose in the home when it comes to eating. They also make great decorations, especially when you have your kid’s faces on them. You can have a customized, picture plate made on Etsy. They’re strong enough for kids to use without them breaking. When guests come over for dinner, a picture of your family is a fun surprise once they’ve cleared their plate.

Timeline Photo Stand

Some parents are choosing an interesting way to display their kids’ school photos. Place them in a photo stand that’s vertical, and contains at least enough slots for all elementary school levels. Start with the kindergarten school picture of your kid, and then place them in order from there. It will be like watching a time-line of your child’s development every time you look at the display.

Many More Ideas

There are loads of photo ideas that are just waiting to inspire you. The best way to look up what to do next is by visiting Pinterest. These are just some of the most popular, interesting and creative ideas. When you find the right way to display your photos, they’ll never get thrown in a box and forgotten.