Photos of Your Dog

It’s no secret guys – people LOVE taking pictures of their pets. It’s right up there with taking photos of babies. And why not I ask? Being an avid dog fan, I’ll tell you that there are few things in life more photogenic and adorable than puppies and dogs. (By the way, if you are looking for hi-tech stuff to get your dog, check out

When to take your dog’s photo:

Whether it’s a goofy moment where your dog is drooling away, a sweet puppy-dog look when cajoling you for a treat, or a “how smart is this dog” look when your dog is laser focusing on a squirrel — there is no bad time to photograph your dog. The tricky part, of course, is that your dog doesn’t pose. There is no “tilt your chin just a little to the left, and move that front right paw a tiny bit down” happening when your subject is a dog. So go with the flow, and try to capture your dog when he or she gives you those special moments that beg to be captured in a picture. You know that happens all the time, so just have your camera ready whenever you can.

What to do with those adorable pics:

So now you have 177 Gigs of your doggy’s photos. Now what? Well, select a few of them and make them into something. One of my personal favorites is making custom dog beds. I have got one with my dog’s picture on it, along with her name, and it’s absolutely adorable. All dog lovers ask me where I got that from.

Another idea is to go the conventional scrapbook or photo album way — print out a bunch of your favorite photos, and then make an album. Even in this day of everything being done digitally, conventional photo albums are actually very appreciated.