Photos of Your Dog

It’s no secret guys – people LOVE taking pictures of their pets. It’s right up there with taking photos of babies. And why not I ask? Being an avid dog fan, I’ll tell you that there are few things in life more photogenic and adorable than puppies and dogs. (By the way, if you are looking for hi-tech stuff to get your dog, check out

When to take your dog’s photo:

Whether it’s a goofy moment where your dog is drooling away, a sweet puppy-dog look when cajoling you for a treat, or a “how smart is this dog” look when your dog is laser focusing on a squirrel — there is no bad time to photograph your dog. The tricky part, of course, is that your dog doesn’t pose. There is no “tilt your chin just a little to the left, and move that front right paw a tiny bit down” happening when your subject is a dog. So go with the flow, and try to capture your dog when he or she gives you those special moments that beg to be captured in a picture. You know that happens all the time, so just have your camera ready whenever you can.

What to do with those adorable pics:

So now you have 177 Gigs of your doggy’s photos. Now what? Well, select a few of them and make them into something. One of my personal favorites is making custom dog beds. I have got one with my dog’s picture on it, along with her name, and it’s absolutely adorable. All dog lovers ask me where I got that from.

Another idea is to go the conventional scrapbook or photo album way — print out a bunch of your favorite photos, and then make an album. Even in this day of everything being done digitally, conventional photo albums are actually very appreciated.

Creative Things You Can Do With Your Photographs

Worried those baby pics you just took of your new pride and joy are going to rot in the garage? This is a common occurrence once it’s time to make room for new toys, and a big-kid bed. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of things you can do with those photos that’ll keep them in sight throughout your lifetime.

Create A Custom Phone Case

This one is my personal favorite. You can get personalized phone cases made with one or more of your photos. The cool part about this is that your phone gets a special unique look. And it’s really easy to create these online. You can just pick the photos you want, rotate them or whatever, and there it is!

Buy A Photo-Pillow

Now-a-days, they make pillows that have a slot to showcase a photo. Or, you can have a cloth version of the photo made, and then sew it on. Usually, these pillows are decorated to match the event. You may see a white pillow with “just married” embroidered on it to go with a wedding photo. Just like you’ll see a cute, blue pillow with ” It’s a boy” embroidered on it to showcase your baby’s first picture. Of course, they make them for little girls too.

Plastic Photos On Holiday Presents

If you’re sending a present to your mother who lives in a different state for Mother’s Day, she probably wishes she could see her grand-kids more. It’s an adorable idea to plaster a pic of you and your kids right on wrapping paper. Do not tape it too tight, or she will not be able to pull it off without ripping it. You should never use an original copy for this idea.

Photo Puzzles

photo puzzle

If you’d like to commemorate a special occasion with a fun activity, a lot of people are getting their photos blown up into puzzle form. There’s puzzle glue available so you don’t have to work the puzzle every time you want to show it off. Simply put it in a frame when you and your family are done putting it together. Guests who come into your home will think it’s a pretty cool decoration.

You Can Have Your Photos Blown Up On Plates

Plates serve an extremely useful purpose in the home when it comes to eating. They also make great decorations, especially when you have your kid’s faces on them. You can have a customized, picture plate made on Etsy. They’re strong enough for kids to use without them breaking. When guests come over for dinner, a picture of your family is a fun surprise once they’ve cleared their plate.

Timeline Photo Stand

Some parents are choosing an interesting way to display their kids’ school photos. Place them in a photo stand that’s vertical, and contains at least enough slots for all elementary school levels. Start with the kindergarten school picture of your kid, and then place them in order from there. It will be like watching a time-line of your child’s development every time you look at the display.

Many More Ideas

There are loads of photo ideas that are just waiting to inspire you. The best way to look up what to do next is by visiting Pinterest. These are just some of the most popular, interesting and creative ideas. When you find the right way to display your photos, they’ll never get thrown in a box and forgotten.

Introduction To DSLR


A DSLR or a digital single lens reflex camera refers to a digital camera that uses a digital sensor coupled up with a single-lens reflex to produce images unlike the traditional single lens reflex camera which uses photographic film to produce images. A DSLR camera works through reflex action of a mirror which either sends the image to the viewfinder or the image sensor at the back of the camera.

This is cheaper than having a lens for the view finder and one for the image sensor which would be the case if the camera didn’t have a single lens reflex. It also bring about consistency of the image seen on the view finder which is almost similar to that produced by the camera’s image sensor.

The DSLR camera was invented as an upgrade of the more traditional SLR cameras which produced images on photographic film. Study has shown that DSLR are still the most widely used interchange lens cameras in the market today though the mirrorless camera are giving DSLRs a run for their money.

Types of DSLRs

DSLR comes equipped with digital sensors of varying size. The cameras with the largest sensors are called medium format cameras. They are fitted with a digital back instead of photographic film and are very expensive to buy due to the high cost of producing this sensors. They have the most pixels per inch ration and are used to produce images for very large prints.

The next category is the full frame cameras which come equipped with a sensor the equivalent to the size of a standard 35mm film. Full frame cameras are cheaper than medium format cameras.

. They produce high quality images and many professionals use full frame cameras for their work. With such large sensors, images produced by full frame cameras can be used printed on large prints without losing details and clarity.

Nowadays, manufactures are producing cameras with smaller sensors than the standard 35mm sensor size which has been the photographic standard for many years. Such cameras use cropped sensors referred to as APS-C. These sensors are 40% the size of a full frame DSLR sensor. These cameras are cheaper than full frame cameras and produce lower quality images than that of full frame cameras. Leica also has their own sensors referred to as S-system and are about 56% larger than full frame sensors.

Some features

One main feature of the DSLR is the interchangeable lenses system unlike in other cameras. This means that photographers have the freedom to choose which lens they want to use for different tasks. Lenses are commonly referred to as glass because their optical components are made from glass. Most lenses are manufacturer dependent and work on specific cameras. Many brands produce their own lenses that work with their DSLR cameras although there are other independent makers of lenses for different camera brands.

DSLR lenses are crucial for controlling a picture’s depth of field which determines the overall sharpness of an image. These lenses use aperture to control the depth of field by controlling the amount of light hitting the camera sensor.

You will really enoy your new DSLR, since there are so many things you can do with your DSLR.

Digital Photography Tips

cameraIt can be tough to learn the digital photography tips you need to know because there are just so many out there. This is why it’s important that you get the right pieces of advice, which have been collected and written about here. All you have to do is work at putting them into practice.


Being smart about your equipment is very important. You don’t want to just start doing photos on your phone to edit, for example. There are a lot of people that use a program to slap on a premade filter using a phone camera image, and you can tell the work put into it was lazy and automated. When you’re able to digitally manipulate a photo all on your own, it will look a lot better. That’s because you have far more control over it than some online software that says its filters are great when they really don’t do much at all to enhance your photograph.


Find tutorials online that you can use to help you learn new techniques, such as this one on composition techniques. There are many people that write these tutorials for free.

There’s also a chance that you find a paid set of lessons that may be good to buy into. However, before sinking money into anything online, you have to make sure to read reviews on what people think about the service they got. If you are able to determine you’re not going to get something due to bad reviews, you may just well have saved yourself a lot of time and money.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice as often and as much as possible. When you’re able to make yourself get over humps when you have a mental block, you can start to create great looking photos time and again. If you’re not inspired enough to do anything, try going to photography websites and see if you get inspired a little more. Sometimes this works, and sometimes you just have to step away from this art before you get too burnt out. A lot of people try to do too much too fast, and then they can’t grow their business or brand recognition.

Keep A Positive Attitude

Like with everything else, a positive attitude is key to great photography. Don’t get disheartened if your pictures don’t turn out great right at the very beginning. Your frustration could actually lead to worse results. A lot of people that do photography know that they have to be in certain moods to get the feel of a shot they’re about to take.

For those who love photography

Taking photographs has become such a major part of our lives nowadays, especially with the phones that almost everyone carries around the whole time. Whether you are an amateur who enjoys clicking photos on your iphone , or a professional photographer with serious equipment, this site is for you.

Apart from basic tips on photography, lighting, subjects to photograph and so on, we will also be talking about various things you can do with those beautiful photos you have taken.